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Our Repeaters



Location: Tarpin Ridge - Cannonsburg, KY

Freq: 145.410 Mhz

Offest: -0.6 Mhz

Color Code: 1

Repeater ID: 312106

Network: Brandmeister

BM Dashboard:


Repeater: Motorola SLR5500


Preselector: Celwave HFD8461A

Antenna: Diamond Original CP22E 6.5dB Gain

Preamp: ARR P144VDG NF 0.5dB Gain 24dB GaAsFET

Power Amp: Mirage B-2518-G


KY4ECC Mixed Mode UHF Repeater

Location: Harbor Hill - Ashland, KY

Freq: 440.6125 Mhz

Offset: +5.0 Mhz

PL Tone: 131.8 Hz


Repeater: Yaesu DR-2X

Duplexer: Motorola T-1503A UHF Band-Pass Band-Reject Duplexer

Antenna: CommScope DB404-B 4 Bay 5.0dB Gain

Preamp: ARR P432VDG NF 0.5dB Gain 18dB GaAsFET

YSF ROOM 85826


KY4ECC Tactical UHF Repeater

Freq: 442.800 Mhz

Offset: +5.0 Mhz

PL Tone: 131.8 Hz

The KY4ECC-TACTICAL Repeater is a Portable Repeater designed by Taylor N4TJD for Rapid Field Deployment. The System is Comprised of two Motorola CDM 1550LS+ UHF Radios controlled by an ICS PI 2X-REPEATER Controller running Open Repeater software. The System is equipped with a MicroTik Router running AREDN firmware allowing for field deployment of ROIP links, Site/Event Surveillance, ETC.


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